The Way You Are Preparing To Care A Baby With Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Or Both

Preparing for caring for a newborn baby with Cleft Lip &- Cleft Palate or both is exciting timein any parent’s life. Probably you will be overwhelmed by getting the news that your baby has a cleft lip/palate or both! But preparation to care upfront can make the thing easy. It will also helpful for the early part of your baby’s journey.

cleft lip

Majority of families first comes to know about their baby’s cleft lip/palate or both during a routine ultrasound diagnosis. What they need most at this pre-diagnosis situation are comfort and reassurance. However, the cleft lip or cleft palate can be treated successfully over the last couple of decades. With the specialized team of experts, all of your child’s medical concerns can be addressed and treated successfully. Ultimately your baby will live a productive life just as he or she is meant to. However, planning for your baby’s arrival will give you some peace of mind! Here are a few ways that assist the parents in preparing for the first few months of their baby with such cleft lip or cleft palate or both issue.


Preparing to welcome the newborn

Most of the babies with cleft lip or cleft palate or both are unable to drink because they are not able to suck. So you’ll want to choose a cleft lip or cleft palate treatment Centre in Lebanon that is prepared for their feeding challenges. They recommend specializing bottles like the Haberman bottle or pigeon nipple, which deliver breast milk or formula without the need for sucking. They also maintain the overall comfort level while caring for a newborn with facial clefts.

Organizing the feeding

A cleft lip or pallet makes it difficult for newborn babies to make a good grip around the nipple. The cleft palate even makes it hard for them to suck. Mothers need to know these things ahead of time. The cleft lip or cleft palate treatment Centre in Lebanon help the mothers to understand that there is a probability that the baby may not be able to breastfeed and feel unnecessarily guilty about. Babies with a cleft lip may face little difficulties, while babies with a cleft palate will probably face trouble. 


Selecting the precise team

It’s essential to decide the cleft lip or cleft palate treatment in Lebanon ahead of time. It has the most talented and experienced team to treat the things properly after delivery where you would like your baby to be administered after delivery. The child’s first appointment should be taken place with the medical team within a week of giving birth. Here the cleft lip or cleft palate surgeon discusses the issue with the team of orthodontics, surgery, dentistry, genetics, psychology, and speech/language pathology. Fortunately, the cleft lip or cleft palate clinic in Lebanon is the place where you can find all the together. That way, you can understand that they are thinking about your child’s care in an organized way. They are happy to treat your newborn baby!


When should the treatment or surgery takes place

Parents often in a hurry to know how soon their baby will need remedial surgery. It depends on the baby’s health. If the baby is healthy and with good weight, a then the process of cleft lip or cleft palate treatment will typically start within 3-6 months of age (surgery for a cleft lip) and 9-12 months of age (Repair of the cleft palate).

The above tips can help prepare the parent both mentally and physically for the early parts of your baby’s life. If you may have a few additional questions in mind then contact Ortho 1 Clinic at +961 3 186072 , +961 6 220441 today!

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